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7k International Skating Academy Update

The 7k International Skating Academy staff have received the amazing opportunity to team up with Scott Hamilton and his skating academy in Nashville, TN!  Over the next few months, staff and families will be moving to Nashville to begin programming under SHARP 4 Sports (7k's sister business) and will be offering classes, developmental opportunities, special events, camp offerings, etc. at the new location.  Programming will take place at the Ford Ice Center and eventually the Bellevue arena opening in late 2019.  We couldn't be more thrilled to continue to assist skaters in accomplishing their dreams, work with an incredible staff and enjoy facilities built for the highest quality training experiences.  Join us at!

Congratulations to our skaters!

August 12, 2018: Test Session
Alyse Back: Cha-Cha 
Alyse Back: Fiesta Tango
Bow Bagley: Junior FS
Daniella Converse: Dutch Waltz
Daniella Converse: Canasta Tango
Daniella Converse: Rhynthm Blues
Sonja Hilmer: Cha Cha Congelado
Sonja Hilmer: Ravensberger Waltz
Yirla Morehead: Dutch Waltz
Yirla Morehead: Canasta Tango
Yirla Morehead: Rhythm Blues
Michelle Quan: Intermediate MIF
Dani Reiser: Junior FS

July 15, 2018: Test Session
Finley Sherman: Pre-Preliminary FS
Finley Sherman: Preliminary FS
Kesslyn Sherman: Pre-Juvenile FS

June 3, 2018: Test Session
Alyse Back: Pre-Juvenile MIF
Alyse Back: Preliminary FS
Lyla Bergeron: Preliminary MIF
Lyla Bergeron: Pre-Preliminary FS
Sydney Freedman: Intermediate MIF
Yanin Herman: Pre-Juvenile MIF
Isabella Kearney: Pre-Preliminary MIF
Savanah Kearney: Pre-Juvenile FS
Victoria Khokhryakova: Preliminary MIF
Carlie Sanders: Junior MIF
Carlie Sanders: Cha Cha
Carlie Sanders: Swing Dance
Carlie Sanders: Fiesta Tango
Finley Sherman: Pre-Juvenile MIF
Kesslyn Sherman: Novice MIF

May 20, 2018: Test Session
Maggie Genevich: America Waltz
Yeripza Herman: Juvenile MIF
Yeripza Herman: Preliminary FS
Michelle Quan: Juvenile MIF

April 22, 2018: Test Session
Daniella Converse: Pre-Preliminary MIF
Elly Hayes: Pre-Preliminary MIF 
Haley Moore: Pre-Preliminary MIF
Davis Ortonward: Argentine Tango
Davis Ortonward: Viennese Waltz
Davis Ortonward: Solo Viennese Waltz

March 25, 2018: Test Session
Quinn Chambers: Rhumba
Quinn Chambers: Samba
Felicity Fuller: Preliminary FS
Maggie Genevich: Rocker Foxtrot
Gabe Hernandez: Preliminary MIF
Sonja Hilmer: Rhumba
Sonja Hilmer: Samba
Lisa Landon: Foxtrot

February 25, 2018: Test Session
Sonja Hilmer: Senior FS
Alana Melio: Pre-Juv FS
Michelle Quan: Preliminary FS

February 11, 2018: Test Session
Davis Ortonward: Solo Quickstep
Davis Ortonward: Standard Quickstep
Davis Ortonward: Solo Argentine

January 28, 2018: Test Session
Yanin Herman: Pre-Pre FS
Yanin Herman: Preliminary MIF
Yeripza Herman: Pre-Juvenile MIF
Aurelia Perkins: Senior FS 
Michelle Quan: Preliminary FS
Michelle Quan: Pre-Juvenile MIF
Kesslyn Sherman: Intermediate MIF

November 12, 2017: Test Session
Quinn Chambers: Yankee Polka
Annabelle Farris: Yankee Polka
Gabe Hernandez: Pre-Pre MIF
Victoria Khokhryakova: Pre-Pre MIF

October 22, 2017: Test Session
Quinn Chambers: Austrian
Annabelle Farris: Austrian
Maggie Genevich: Foxtrot, European
Davis Ortonward: Paso, Blues
Kesslyn Sherman: Juvenile MIF

August 20, 2017: Test Session
Aurelia Perkins: Junior FS

August 13, 2017: Test Session
Julia Fennell: Senior FS
Veronika Khokhryakova: Novice FS

July 16, 2017: Test Session
Katya Geyer: Intermediate FS
Avril Phillips: Junior MIF

July 9, 2017: Test Session
Veronika Khokhryakova: Intermediate FS

June 18, 2017: Test Session
Bow Bagley: Hickory Hoedown
Bow Bagley: Ten Fox
Maggie Genevich: 14 Step
Gwendolynn de Graaf: Foxtrot
Veronika Khokhryakova: Hickory Hoedown
Veronika Khokhryakova: Willow Waltz
Veronika Khokhryakova: Ten Fox
Casi Reiser: Novice FS
Dani Reiser: Novice FS
Carlie Sanders: Novice FS
Emma Tang: Junior FS

June 7, 2017: Congratulations to our skaters for their Centennial 7k SC awards!
Junior Achievement: Sonja Hilmer
Competitor of the Year (Juv-Sr): Sonja Hilmer
Competitor of the Year (Pre-Pre to Pre-Juv): Alyse Back
Competitor of the Year (Basic Skills): Yanin Herman
Most Tests Passed (Juv-Sr): Sonja Hilmer

May 21, 2017: Test Session
Alyse Back: Pre-Pre FS
Felicity Fuller: Pre-Preliminary FS
Gwendolynn de Graaf: 14 Step
Yanin Herman: Pre-Pre FS
Yeripza Herman: Pre-Pre FS
Sonja Hilmer: Senior Solo FD
Veronika Khokhryakova: Cha Cha
Veronika Khokhryakova: Fiesta Tango
Veronika Khokhryakova: Swing Dance
Kat Malott: Pre-Pre FS

May 7, 2017: Test Session
Arlene Cushman:Senior MIF

April 23, 2017: Test Session
Maggie Genevich: Junior MIF, Novice FS
Veronika Khokyrakova: Dutch Waltz
Veronika Khokhryakova: Canasta Tango
Veronika Khokhryakova: Rhythm Blues

April 2, 2017: Test Session
Jin Baseman: Cha Cha
Jin Baseman: Fiesta Tango
Jin Baseman: Swing Dance
Gwendolynn de Graaf: Hickory Hoedown
Gwendolynn de Graaf: Ten Fox
Gwendolynn de Graaf: Willow Waltz
Carlie Sanders: Dutch Waltz
Carlie Sanders: Canasta Tango
Carlie Sanders: Rhythm Blues
Tessa Meyers: Swing Dance
Sonja Hilmer: Solo Westminster Waltz
Sonja Hilmer: Solo Argentine Tango
Sonja Hilmer: Partnered Argentine Tango
Sonja Hilmer: Partnered Westminster Waltz
Sonja Hilmer: Partnered Quickstep

March 12, 2017: Test Session
Veronika Khokhryakova: Senior MIF
Kesslyn Sherman: Pre-Juvenile MIF

March 5, 2017: Test Session
Jin Baseman: Dutch Waltz, Rhythm Blues, Canasta Tango
Lyla Bergeron: Pre-Preliminary MIF
Gwendolynn de Graaf: Dutch Waltz
Gwendolynn de Graaf: Rhythm Blues
Gwendolynn de Graaf: Canasta Tango
Gwendolynn de Graaf: Cha Cha
Gwendolynn de Graaf: Fiesta Tango
Gwendolynn de Graaf: Swing Dance
Cady Sandifer: Pre-Juvenile MIF
Kesslyn Sherman: Preliminary FS
Thames Silpa-archa: Dutch Waltz
Thames Silpa-archa: Rhythm Blues
Thames Silpa-archa: Canasta Tango

7k International Skating Academy

The 7k International Skating Academy will help you reach your peak in ability and endurance while skating alongside national, international and Olympic level skaters.

Our dedicated and passionate staff are highly qualified and ready to help you become your best both personally and athletically.  Drop in for a week or join us for a season and we'll help you reach your goals and ascend above the rest! 

Kori Ade

Technical Director

Rohene Ward

Artistic Director

Heather Aseltine

Administrative Director

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Attention Athletes & Coaches!

Gold Honor Roll

Bow Bagley

Jason Brown

Christina Cleveland

Arlene Cushman

Julia Fennell

Maggie Genevich

Katya Geyer

Gwendolynn de Graaf

Sonja Hilmer
Solo Pattern Dance
Partnered Pattern Dance
Solo Free Dance

Ben Jalovick

Veronika Khokryakova

Allison Merges

Jordan Moeller

Davis Ortonward
Solo Pattern Dance

Aurelia Perkins

Casi Reiser

Dani Reiser

Lauren Russell