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Koriography: The Science of Mastering Your Art

Mental Ascension is a program designed to elevate the athlete's awareness of self and allow exploration of one's potential from a mental and emotional standpoint.

First Ade explores the science of coaching using a variety of platforms with access to guest coaches, the science behind biomechanics, cutting edge technique and the art of tactical planning.  Coaches will be exposed to information and an ongoing educational experience. 

The Koriography video series focuses on building the invested and passionate athlete.

Koriography uses the union of science and art to design each athlete's unique journey towards success.  Video entries cover concepts, theories, psychology, tactical and technical guidance along with discovery relating to what motivates us, excites the human spirit and drives individuals to greatness. 

Kori Ade is adamant about sharing the knowledge she has acquired and feels that creating an educated sport community will elevate all who join.  Priding herself on being a lifelong learner and encouraging all whom she encounters to do the same, you can now explore, discover, and grow alongside Kori as she presents various topics in a professional, genuine, and easy to comprehend format.

Video Series Library

Users are able to browse the list below for the topics that best pertain to the development they are seeking to achieve.  Skaters and coaches are not limited to their specific tracks as guided learning and discovery is encouraged for all. Videos will continue to be produced and added to this website upon completion. Please continue to check back for new material and educational opportunities.  

Registration Process

Once a video registration is submitted, the user will gain access to the footage through the main website.  The user will be able to watch the content for one month before the registration will need to be resubmitted.  Subsequent orders for additional videos may be purchased at any time.

1) Visit
2) Create an account or log in
3) Click on the Koriography tab
4) Register for a selected video
5) A video link will be provided in your emailed receipt. (You must be logged in on to view this link.)

Video sharing or copying of footage is prohibited and is punishable by law.  

Feedback can be provided at any time by emailing or by leaving a request in the comment section (below) for specific topics to be covered in future video entries.  

Video Selections: $7.99 Each (1 Month Subscription)

Released: May 10, 2017

Video: "Warm-Up, Agility and Coordination" 
Description: One of several in the series of off-ice classes, this week's segment introduces some basic off-ice warm up concepts moving skaters through cardio, dynamic stretch, basic coordination and core-engaging exercises.  The class offers creative ways to encourage athletes to value the off-ice component of their wellness.

Released: May 10, 2017

Video: "Landing Positions 101"
Description: An overview of some essential components of a successful, deliberate, and aesthetically pleasing landing.  Designed to encourage technical expectations, this class also touches on the importance of "signature" positions and star quality!

Released: May 10, 2017

Video: "Quicksand" 
Description: This TAPS class centers around a speech given by the coach in the movie "The Replacements".  The feeling of one being in quicksand as they lose control of a moment is explored. As we discuss management of these moments, skaters are asked to recall past performances and draw upon those as learning opportunities. 

Released: May 12, 2017

Video: "Spin Acceleration"
Description: In this class, athletes were introduced to the power of momentum as it applies to spins and acceleration.  Skaters experimented with creating more momentum by changing weight and distribution of mass around their spin centers.

Released: May 12, 2017

Video: "Spin GOE Analysis"
Description: This class focuses on the importance of placing equal value on developing spin levels as well as on emphasizing GOE.  Skaters are encouraged to "wear both hats" as they learn to call levels as a technical specialist would AND to award GOE as a judge.  This knowledge is helpful in demonstrating the need to practice both skill development and skill quality!

Released: May 15, 2017

Video: "Impose Your Will" 
Description: This class is Inspired by motivational speaker, Inky Johnson, in his memorable "Impose Your Will" speech in 2015 (  We study Mr. Johnson's speech and in a small group T.A.P.S. discussion, athletes are encouraged to indicate moments which were most impactful to them.  In these "open conversations" often addressing tough topics, athletes are given a safe, "no judgement" zone in which to process real emotions and to admit challenging obstacles that they might face.  During the course of every athletic journey comes adversity and the T.A.P.S. forum provides an opportunity to guide athletes through these moments.

Released: May 16, 2017

Video: "Combination Timing and Flow"
Description: In this class, we examine the basic concept of timing awareness.  Skaters are taken through loop as well as toe loop combinations in an effort to exercise proper timing between jumps.

Released: May 16, 2017

Video: "Axel Take-Off Problem Solving"
Description: Jumps can be corrected in many ways; however, finding the root of many technical issues often involves further examination of the preparation and take-off.  Several skaters participate in this class, aimed at pinpointing this issue for each individual athlete.

Released: May 18, 2017

Video: "Bucket List"
Description: In this T.A.P.S. class video the athletes are introduced to the concept of a "bucket list" and are challenged to create several categories of "buckets" which indicate areas of desired growth in their lives.  A fun group dynamic evolves into including various bystanders in the lobby who agree or disagree to joining our athletes on their quests to fulfill their "bucket" wishes!

Released: May 20, 2017

Video: "Music Interpretation Part 1"
Description: A class all about the INTERPRETATION component. Skaters are encouraged to feel the music and to do what comes naturally but are also challenged to draw on their ability to connect with the music to further develop the depth to which they are able to truly express the music.

Released: May 21, 2017

Video: "Rotational Control" (Off-Ice)
Description: This class is an example of what happens in Kori's off-ice trampoline class.  No two classes are alike and new exercises are introduced and incorporated every week.  This class focuses on proprioception.

Released: May 21, 2017

Video: "Periodization, Part 1"
Description: An introduction to the concept of regulating training through the science of periodization.  Skaters are walked through the steps of planning the training year backward from the event in which they hope to demonstrate peak performance. 

Released: May 21, 2017

Video: "Event Warm-Up Execution"
Description: This class addresses the need for an efficient competition warm-up.  In an on ice class, skaters are asked to work with a partner to accurately document a six minute warm up as well as skate sections of their programs to address the need for endurance and consistency.

Released: May 22, 2017

Video: "Consistency Percentages"
Description: In this group class, skaters use Kori's 7k consistency drill worksheet to practice jump elements which they hope to include in their programs for the upcoming season.  Filmed in May, the important message during this lesson with Kori and Doug is the importance of improving GOE on already consistent elements as well as working on new elements.  Note: Consistency drills tap into BOTH technical (First Ade) and mental (Mental Ascension) skill sets.

Released: May 22, 2017

Video: "Cardio/Plyometrics Drills and Off-Ice Jumps"
Description: Early spring is the time in the calendar to increase cardiovascular and VO2 max potential in skaters hoping to compete at Regionals and Sectionals.  This emphasis, in addition to continuing to develop good technique, are the central focuses of this class.

Released: May 22, 2017

Video: "Programs: Paradigm Shift"
Description: One of many possible creative training classes, the focus of this session is application of the concept of an effective and efficient warm-up.  A twist on this class is the introduction of skating program elements and/or sections to new music as an opportunity to break negative thought patterns and potential development of musically prompted anxiety. 

Released: June 7, 2017

Video: "Positive Affirmations"
Description: This TAPS class was inspired by stories of how former professional baseball player, Ted Williams, would prepare himself for games.  Ted is said to have had a unique and powerful ritual for "getting into the zone" and "psyching himself up".  We go on the psychological journey that is referred to as "Ted's Affirmation Program" as I challenge athletes to celebrate their strengths, build their confidence and affirm their self worth!