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Our Story

~ Our Vision ~

The 7k International Skating Academy is built on the platform of teamwork, dedication, passion and honesty.  Resting 7,000 feet above sea level, it is the highest rink in the US used for dynamic altitude training.  The 7k program is unique and on the cutting edge of the industry by providing a wide variety of classes from technical progression to program component improvement.  We pride ourselves on offering programming that establishes competitive skaters from a young age and carries them through an Olympic experience. 

Our team of coaches are educated and driven to get the most out of each skater as they set their own personal goals for the future.  One of our biggest assets is working as a chameleon to meet the needs each skater presents to us on a daily basis.  Building strong relationships with leadership, trust and confidence allows us to stay in tune with the most important aspect of each skater’s life, their personal well-being.  We concentrate heavily on injury prevention, nutrition and mental training in order to keep all of our participants healthy at all times.  Unique to 7K, the TAPS program (Total Athlete Performance Seminars) uses sports psychology to conquer the most pressing issues during any point of the skater’s training season.  Whether on or off the ice, each coach is invested in the process it takes to build a champion by working together, communicating and establishing the training plan that best suits their needs.          

Immerse yourself at the 7K International Skating Academy to reach your full potential of the athlete you dream of becoming.  Reach out to our team, instill your trust and strive to reach all new heights.  Allow us to work with you to “Ascend above the Rest” as our team assists you in becoming your absolute best.

~ Quotes From Our Skaters ~

"The atmosphere at the rink is best described as this: family.  I am blessed to be surrounded by this great group of people.  We all spend day after day in the same facility because we all have the same hopes and dreams.  We are there for one another during our highs and lows.  We push each other to our limits and encourage each other to be our best.  Most of all, we have fun while doing all of this, something that I believe is hard to find anywhere."