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Terryl Lee Allen

"The feeling in the rink was calm, focused, respectful and positive.  It was the kind of feeling that optimizes an athletes ability to train to the best of his or her ability.  I have some knowledge along these lines, having coached high level gymnasts for over 30 years. 

Another thing I felt was unique to this rink was the kindness and common courtesy shown by everyone.  Skaters, mom's, coaches, everyone, smiled or said hello, Mariah Bell opened doors for me (thank you Mariah!), Jason was his bright smiling, humble self (even when jet lagged almost to death) and was gracious (as usual) with his time.  ALL the 7K International skaters were amazing, so a huge thank you each of them for such respect and awareness on the ice!

AND, I have to say 7K is the future of skating.  At least I hope the philosophy and concept take fire and rage across the country!  And most important, the 7k program is THE program for ANY skater to be able to maximize his or her potential and leave the sport feeling accomplished and good about his or herself!  Kori's philosophy of training skaters as individual people, for that individual, is paramount. 

I will never be much of a skater in terms of high skill level but I CAN support, cheer and be passionate about the sport in ways that can build the sport and provide opportunities of others. I will be promoting and cheering for 7K!!!!!!

I can't thank you enough for giving me such a fantastic experience in skating!" 

Carole Dale

I have known Kori for more than a decade. So, when I came to 7k to work again with her (if only for a short time!), it was very heartwarming for me to see the evolution of the dream she shared with me when I first met her. Her goal had been to create a program to provide a wrap-around training setting for the complete athlete, not just the competitor in that person, but the human being in there as well.

She has done it!!!!!! Her positive guidance, and insistence on cooperative attitude, and acceptance and respecting others is so evident at 7k! I am old enough to be older than the grandparents of most of the skaters I met. Made no difference!!! They were upbeat, polite, and engaging, as well as super supportive to me (all traits I know that are dear to Kori’s heart).

I had a chance to participate in many of the activities that 7k provides for its skaters. This program is the prototype of what I wish could be available to all skaters. It is, indeed, the complete service model conceived of from Kori’s first venture into coaching. I treasured the unified Edge classes that occur every morning at 7k. Such a beautiful and inspiring way to begin a day! Rohene’s passion for the artistry of skating permeates this class. Although I could only do the simpler moves, and portions of the more advanced exercises, the group’s energy, positive focus, and generous verbal support(!) carried me through and filled me with the joy of skating. 

In addition to obviously excellent coaching personnel, 7k provides an on-site exercise facility, staffed with a wonderfully knowledgeable trainer, where skaters are encouraged to do off-ice warm up, post-skating stretching, and regular conditioning. Zumba class is also held there twice a week, and was truly exhilarating!!! 

There is so much more to 7k than what occurs physically on and off the ice. There is a strong message of the importance of perseverance and self-awareness. Skaters meet with each other and staff to examine issues and feelings that present themselves to all individuals. They are charged with forming a better understanding of their strengths and their “demons”, and to make real, measurable plans of action to bring them to the success that is each skater’s dream.

Finally, I love the fact that Fridays are Exhibition Days for these skaters. With costumes and all the trappings of competitive events, skaters get an opportunity to develop a more “comfortable” relationship with the often intimidating and hectic nature of those events. 

I had to say “good-bye” way sooner than I wished! Can’t wait to get back there!

Amy Mayer

There is no other training center in figure skating -- maybe in all of sports - where the athletes and coaches combine so much talent with so little ego.  From the moment Lucy arrived from Minnesota, she was welcomed as part of the 7k family.  Kori Ade has created an environment in which each skater supports every other skater, regardless of experience level or past accomplishments.  Everywhere she turned, there was another skater to inspire Lucy and make her want to reach higher.  Lucy could not believe how hard everyone worked, nor how kind they were to each other.  She returned from her first week at 7k with new skills, renewed passion for her sport, and many wonderful new friends.  It was such a tremendous experience that she went back for two more weeks later that summer.  She came back skating the best she has ever skated. In a small, unassuming rink in Monument, Colorado, something wonderful has grown.  We are so lucky to have shared in it.

The Stuckey Family

We have 3 children who all have the passion for ice skating.  From the moment we walked into 7k everyone welcome us with open arms like family.  We have a three year old little girl who enjoyed private lessons with their amazing coaches.  Our six year old boy was in heaven every day skating on the ice with future and current Olympians.  He was really excited when Shane and Leanne taught him a jumping spread eagle!  Our 8 year old daughter loved daily privates, on-ice instruction and axel pol training.  All our children made friends and everyone was so supportive and friendly.  Our children really loved Edge class, trampoline and power. 

There was camaraderie with skaters of all levels from the most accomplished to the beginners, quality mentors and role models.  The kids loved the TAPS group discussions with Kori and some with outside experts.  They grew as individual athletes and as team members.  We look forward to coming back to 7k this summer (2016) to train again.  Our skaters all went home with amazing new skills and their home coach was amazed at what they learned and mastered over the course of two weeks.

Tala Allbutt

We visited 7k in Summer 2015 and it was literally the best time of our lives. I am an American coach working in Australia and felt that my upcoming promising skaters needed an international training experience to gain inspiration and valuable training skills so that they may progress further in their skating careers. That is exactly what they received at 7k. From initial contact, Heather Aseltine (the Administrative Director) was extremely friendly and welcoming, doing everything in her power to make our planned visit as remarkable as possible. She helped us organize our travel plans, schedule classes and privates, as well as went out of her way to arrange as many privates with Kori, Rohene and other coaches as possible, for which we are extremely grateful. When we arrived, all the resident skaters were super friendly and welcoming towards my young skaters and by the end of the trip, the girls were friends with pretty much everyone there. In terms of the training opportunities at 7k, our favorite class was the Edge class. This class is cleverly designed to develop a deep and open movement style in the skaters, promoting flow and quality of edge as well as an appreciation for matching movement to rhythm of the music. The benefits of this class were clearly visible at competition, where the skating skills of 7k skaters really stood out above the rest. Other classes offered included jump and spin challenge, off ice dance and stretching, as well as TAPS, which focused on the skaters’ mental preparation. These programs allow for development of the complete athlete and set an example of how training programs should be run throughout the world. Thank you 7k for providing such a wonderful experience for us and we can’t wait to come back!